Escrow verification. Writes that the mobile authenticator is not connected

Steam has introduced a trade confirmation policy. When the skins are given to you, there is no need to confirm the trade, but when you give them, it is MANDATORY!

After installing the mobile application and enabling trade confirmations, another 7 days must pass, otherwise things will fall into the hold for 15 days.

Also, your inventory should be public and you should not have a trade ban.

Download official Steam apps

Instructions how to connect mobile confirmations

Why are most of the items cheaper than on Steam?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept skins at the price of the Steam trading platform, because money cannot be withdrawn from Steam, it is a virtual currency that has nothing to do with real money.

Real money can be obtained only by selling items on external trading platforms. Our price is directly related to the price on these sites. We do not charge a commission from users, we charge it from connected sites.

For your convenience, we display profitable sales relative to Steam. We always try to buy at the highest possible price. With us you will receive your money within a minute!

Interested in API for wholesale skins

Contact us using one of the suggested methods:

Why don't I see all my skins?

You see only those skins that can be transferred to Steam, which do not have a ban for 7 days and which comply with our conditions.

What screenshots are accepted?

We buy almost all skins from you for more than 5 rubles. Some skins are not bought because of their unpopularity on external trading platforms.

The money did not come to the account of the site within 15 minutes

Write to the support of the site where you deposited your account, they have the tools to check the status of your deposit. If they didn't help you, write to our support:

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